26 January 2011

Blueberry Lemon Curd Tart

It's a tart that is tart! The lemon curd has the great tang of a pure lemon and the blueberries are a yummy topping. So I found all these diy labels on various blogs and websites, which are just adorable. Perfect for a party or photo shoot. A little overkill for family dinner, oh well. This is another one of those desserts that only the tiniest sliver was left over after the four of us devoured it. The curd you can also just make on its own, instead of having to buy it at the store.

p.s. I want a haircut! I have been growing it out for a year only to realize that I like it shorter

p.p.s and on other blogs it seems like their photos appear bigger, I can figure out how to make them bigger in the post, I already it checked to 'large' size wen uploading. Because when you click on them, you can see them bigger.


b-wak said...

'Love curds, 'love blueberries, 'love tarts.... 'love it!

Unknown said...

mmmm... my man will love this and I owe him another lemon dessert...