24 January 2011

Film Photos

I finally got some film developed! So happy with the results. There is just something about film that is so magical and lovely. I just don't get as excited with digital photos. I'm not one of those people that are completely against digital because it has a rightful place in the world. I would just consider it in a completely different category that film. They both are good but in totally different ways.

The first photo is what I made my mom for breakfast yesterday morning.


A. Jarrett said...

I totally agree - there is just something about film shots that is missing in digital. It's hard to re-create as well. Love the simplicity in your shots here.

madhu said...

Come be my daughter.... :-)

Unknown said...

Hi! I just saw one of your recipes on Tastespotting and I love your photos/food/style so much that I'm going through your whole blog right now!

First of all, I'm really inspired by these photos. It's not just that they're beautiful but I've always had a problem with film photography. Like you I like it more than digital photography, but because film is more costly, I always feel like I have to wait for something extraordinarily beautiful before I can justify a film shot.

But these photos (while of course beautiful) are just photos of food, and you've helped me realize that that is totally worth the film expenses! Especially if I want to become a better photographer-- I have to practice, right? And what better documentation of my everyday ordinary life!

So thank you for letting me see that.

Also, I wanted to ask how you get that lighting with the film? It's so beautiful and serene, I love it!
Do you try to get morning light and photograph near windows?

Thanks again!

Julie Marie said...

Thank you for you comment! very nice to hear. Yeah film always seems like an expense but I think it's worth it. Digital is great but film is just so different.
The lighting is all nautral. Normally just whenever it isn't giving a harsh shadow, so early morning or right before sun goes down.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeus photos!!
Just wondering what kind of camera you used for these? THANKS!

Anonymous said...

What kind of camera do you use? Your photos are charming!