22 February 2011

Barney's Gourmet Hamburgers

Yes! I finished the layout for the new recipe format. Similar to my last post but made some changes. You will have to wait until my next recipe post to see, but no need to worry, that day will probably come tomorrow.

Dave and I made our first visit to Barney's Gourmet Hamburgers in Oakland, CA. and there are many more trips in our future. We rode out to Oakland with the intention of going to Fentons for lunch and a gigantic sundae. After getting lost for a while, the back of a motorcycle is not the easiest place to navigate, we finally found Fentons, with a line of people pouring out the door. We decided to skip it because we were too hungry to wait so we walked down the street and came upon Barney's. And it is a great burger joint! The walls are lined with framed newspaper clippings about their many positive reviews and the tables are packed in there to the brim just to accommodate all the people. No photos of their burgers, sorry! Dave got the Guacamole Burger with Bacon and ate it so fast I couldn't snap a shot. But that should say something about the food...

'Can we get cheese fries?' 'You want chili cheese fries??' 'No chili, just the cheese' 'Ummm, ok'
Cheese fries are an amazing thing that few people seem to ever have on their menu.

Barney's Salad. The homemade croutons! They were amazing. Thats about all I need to say about them, when a restaurant makes their own croutons, it normally means that their salad is going to be amazing, in my opinion.


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