18 February 2011

Cranberry and Raisin Cornbread

Isn't this scale amazing? It was my great great grandparents.

Breakfast cornbread! Thats pretty much what it is. When I saw the recipe that this cornbread was based on, I thought that dried fruit in cornbread seemed a bit off.
But I really wanted to use these skillets so I thought I would give it a try. It turns out pretty tasty! Not the type of cornbread that would appropriate for chili or beans or anything of the typical things that go with cornbread. So douse that slice in a layer of honey or butter and enjoy your morning.

And the cast-iron skillets were my great great grandparents' too, so they are well over 100 years old.


Ash said...

that old scale is fantastic!!
Love that cornbread!! I might need to make me some.

Julie Marie said...

Thanks! Yeah this recipe came out nice and moist for me, hope yours comes out good!

Lauren said...

I love this recipes! I've never thought to add dried fruit to cornbread, but why the heck not? Looks delicious.

Anonymous said...