12 March 2011

Blueberry Lemon Cake and a Trifle

So, what to do when the moment comes for the cake to slip out of the pan when you flip it over and nothing happens? Well after trying to poke the sides a bit with a toothpick, banging it on the counter and hitting to top of it until something finally fall, I look down. Half to the cake is still in the pan and half on the plate. My eyes start to well up, my mind racing, ‘it’s using the blueberries someone sent me just so I could blog about. I am the worst blogger ever’ is all I can think. I butter and floured the pan, but it proved to be no match to all those ridges and crevices in the rose shape.
So after a mini meltdown, I scrap out all the remains from the pan and vow to never use it again. Having had this happen to me before in this pan, I figure it’s cursed so I slam it into the bin. Then thankful that I have the mini loaf that I was going to give away but is now my only salvation for the photo I wanted. Then to make matters worse I go to make the glaze and I do not have enough powdered sugar. After blankly staring at the kitchen counter for a few minutes, just mentally exhausted from this ordeal, I got it together. My mom was nice enough to go to the store for me. I decided that the broken cake would become a trifle. I made the glaze for the mini loaf, photo, done. Then the trifle went down with ease. Of course I didn’t have a big trifle dish, so I decided to use jars, and I am pleased with the final outcome. The lemon curd, fresh berries and cream go great with the cake, making it a light and summery dessert. After finishing a jar, my thought was ‘I would break a cake for this’ so both dishes are a success but just have a rocky pathway of getting there. Only if it was actually warm out! So the blueberry lemon cake, tastes great by all means so go ahead and make it as it is. But if you have a broken cake disaster like me, or just have a craving for some trifle, use this recipe for it!

Dried Blueberries courtesy of Oh! Nuts


Sunshinemom (Harini) said...

The loaf looks bee-yoo-tiful! The trifles look good too.

Mikaela Cowles said...

Robert recommend your blog. I LOVE the title. It's just so true. Butter makes everything delicious. Too bad it's not thinning as well.

I've made my way through most of you posts. What lovely pictures you have! I wish I was still in California so he could talk you into giving me pointers.

The Coffee and Donuts Cupcakes are really cute. Thank you for sharing your delicious treats. I look forward to your next baking adventure, or disaster turned success.

Julie Marie said...

Thanks, yeah he told me about your blog too! If you ever need tips or advice or whatever you can email me if you want julietakesphotos@yahoo.com

christina said...

this is love. sheer love.

; )

Jessi said...

that triffle looks amazing! Your blog is inspiring me too get in the kitchen!

Karyn said...

Hi Julie-

I just discovered your blog and absolutely love all your delicious creations. I tried printing a few of your recipes, but they came out kind of blurry because they are written so small. Is there a way to get them larger or clearer?