28 May 2011

Mini Jams Tarts

Ok, so these little jam tarts did not come out very cute. But they are very easy and tasty, so don't let their mangled little appearance deter you.

So the crust is a pie crust with cinnamon. I for some reason feel like I have never really had this before and I have absolutely no clue why. Cinnamon in crust is so amazing! It makes the pie crust taste like a flaky snickerdoodle cookie. Then you filling you pretty much don't have to do anything except get a jar of good jam? I like when good recipes are this easy. 

So reason why these did not come out so cute. Because I put far too much jam in them. Martha's instructions called for something like 1 tbsp of jam (in the small ones, I made a few in a bit bigger pan than she called for). But the dough puffs up so much than you only need a ridiculously small amount of jam. The amount where you think, are these not even going to have a filling? But trust me, your will come out nice and pretty. 

Recipe from Martha's Book


Bianca said...

Martha is always right; I have learned the hard way at times, to never veer off course when it comes to Martha's recipes. These little gems have a face only a mother could love- but im sure the flavor is something everyone can get into!

Unknown said...

I think these tarts look just wonderful. Just because they aren't tidy doesn't mean they don't look beautiful. Consider them 'rustic'. ;) I can't wait to try this recipe. I moving next month (out of state) and can use this recipe to finish off all the millions of 'almost' empty jars of jam I have in the fridge (my best friend is a canning fiend). Thanks!

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