05 June 2011

Apple Brown Butter Jalousie

This reminds me of a classy version of one of those mini apple pies you get from McDonalds. Yes this one is bigger, homemade, obviously tastier but essentially the same idea.

This feels like a summery dessert to me, perfect for a picnic. Only if it actually felt like summer. It keeps raining, is still cold and I keep thinking it is winter. You would think driving more than two hours south would have some what warmer weather, especially in California, but no it was just as cold. Oh well, I had a lovely weekend.

Now I really want to make small versions of this recipe and make little wrappers for them. So they would be like handheld little pies for a picnic. That will have to be done for the next little weekend get away, hopefully in the forest. Agghhh I can just imagine the photos now, i get very obsessive so I will probably make little sketches tonight so I don't forget. Now I am planning the whole little photo shoot in my mind. I am thinking massive summer picnic post, can't wait to actually get time to do it.

Ok, so get some good vanilla bean ice cream to go with this. I mean good, like the one with the vanilla bean specks that comes in the little container, not the big one. Oh and Tahitian Vanilla Bean Gelato, from THIS company. Its tops for me, like really great flavor. 

Side note, that vanilla bean gelato in one hand, a jar of nutella in the other, mix with a spoon. It tastes just like what I would get in Rome, when I went, like 5 years ago but am still craving it.


Stephanie said...

Your photos are beautiful and your dessert looks delicious!

Katie said...

I never knew the proper name for this was "jalousie." I love it! I bet it's far from "lousy." (Sorry, had to do it.)

Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets said...

Love these photos, especially the last 2! This recipe looks and sounds soooo good. FYI, I find the recipe font a bit hard to read though it's cute. That may just be me though -- I'm not great at making out any handwriting either.

Bianca said...

I could go for a slice of this right now- mouth watering is the only way to describe it!

Vintage Style Downunder said...

Oh I specially love the last pic with the apples all lined up and the handwritten recipe alongside...but...I wanted to say...ROCHE GELATO in Pescara!!!We recently went to Italy and my daughter and I almost died and went to heaven when we tried the Roche Gelato - ferrero roche chocolates squished and mixed into nutella gelato! your comments on the vanilla and nutella just made us both swoon in remembrance!!!
thanks for sharing..just love your blog!!
deliciously yours
jessie ;)
nelson, nz

Anonymous said...

okay this is AWESOME !! i'm completely addicted to your recepies, i'm doing one every week :D

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