14 June 2011

Grilled Cheese with Farinata

A somewhat unsuccessful grilled cheese.

So grilled cheese is pretty much my go to meal. I am completely obsessed with them and I don't think I have ever had one I haven't liked. It runs in the family. I have a cousin in Texas who has a grilled cheese bar at the back of his 'Museum of Electronic Wonder'. Pretty cool eh? He and his better half also started the Food Shark, a food truck that the whole town of Marfa has embraced.

Well this recipe looked so good when I first saw it and  with the chickpea flour, it seemed extra special. Well it came out tasting great but doesn't look the best. The farniata totally stuck to my skillet and cracked. Plus it probably didn't help that when make the batter  it was really think and couldn't spread it out evenly. I was just kinda confused how it should turn out because I have never even heard of farinata before. So I'll definitely have to do a retry of this recipe soon could get one that actually looks good! Oh and the sage! I thought it might be too strong of a flavor, might overpower it. Not the case at all! It compliments the cheese so well. This recipe turns the all time classic into a lovely summer grown up lunch.

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recipe from here


Unknown said...

That is an awesome idea that i would copy stright away, i actually have some chickpea flour that i wanted to use in a yummy way like this!

LaJuana said...

I don't have any chickpea flour but the cheese blend sounds wonderful!

BTW new to your site via twitter...it's lovely1

Libby said...

Oh, cheese sandwiches! I'm glad there is yummy looking cheese in these.

Pam said...

Wow. Way to take the silly kids' meal of a grilled cheese and step it up to a wonderful grown up, delicious meal!

Jen H said...

What a delicious take on a grilled cheese, which happens to be my favorite sandwich too! A great gluten free option as well. Thanks so much for sharing!

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