11 July 2011

Printing the recipes

I've gotten a few emails from people saying they cant figure out how to print the recipes. This confuses me just because I thought I made it really easy. So the recipe is uploaded on the blog as a jpeg file, so when you click on the recipe, it should open up in a separate page and be able to view it larger. So just copy that jpeg file to your desktop and either save it or print it as you would any jpeg photo. This is working for everyone right? I'm confused why your confused! Everyone always feel free to email me if you have another questions or comments! I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.


tommyJ said...

For those of you using Windows XP or Windows 7... Click the recipe image file so it opens full size in your browser.

Right click and choose "Save as..."

Save it on your desktop.
Go to your desktop, right click the image/file and choose "Open with"
Open with Windows Picture and Fax Viewer.
That gives you options to print in 4x6, 5x7, full page, etc...

Laura said...

I just right clicked on the image and clicked print. Worked for me. Not confusing at all. Thank you for making it super easy! :)