19 December 2011

farmer's cheese and rye bread, a feature and my camera for sale!

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I'm featured in Refinery 29's article, Ten Best Food Blogs to Bookmark Now. Lovely! and from a site I read daily! Geez love me some good news

These are photos from when my friend and I made cheese and bread a few weekends ago. Well I should say a guy who used to be my friend, that is why I have been hesitant to post them. In this past month, my relationship old has ended, the new one ended even faster, so looking at photos of old happy times is hard. Broken right now, it has been a really rough year. 

But these recipes are really good, so I'll pull myself together and manage to post about them through the tears. I was inspired by my trip to Harley Farms, to make my own cheese. They have wonderful little 'buttons' which are small sizes of their many flavors, so perfect when you just want to buy everything in the shop. So I convinced him it was finally time tackle making cheese, not that it took much convincing. It was definitely not as difficult as we assumed. Just more time consuming than anything. I had never had farmer's cheese before, so I didn't know what to expect. It is super fresh tasting and nice how you can make it any real flavor you want.

There are photos from around his yard too. A photo of one of his four chickens, which moved around so fast it was really hard to get a shot. All the herbs we used we fresh from his gardens.

The rye bread is a nice combination of a white bread and rye bread. The flavor of rye is not too overpowering. It tasted amazing straight out of the oven. We enjoyed it so much that we made two more loafs the next day. One with whole garlic cloves in it and one with cinnamon and chunks of dried cherries.

So hopefully this new year will be better, because this year has left me completely shattered. I barely make it a day with out a complete break down. Which is tremendously awkward when in happens 5 minutes into you 45 minute train ride home from work. Everyone stares.

FOR SALE, CANON REBEL T1i body with battery grip

* 15.1 MP
*HD video
*takes SD memory cards
*original box
*2 batteries for the grip
*grip will last for hours and hours, would normally only have to charge the batteries once a week
*excellent condition
*$400 + shipping. originally paid over $650 for both.

I used this for most of the photos on this blog, up until probably 2 months ago when I upgraded to a full frame camera. So now I have this extra one I don't need. So I thought I would offer it to you loyal blog readers first, anyone who is interested in starting out with photography. It was a great beginning digital camera for me. 

Email me at julietakesphotos@yahoo.com
p.s. you might get a few baked goodies thrown in the box as well...

Cheese recipe from Jules Food blog
Bread recipe from Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a day


Unknown said...

You're pictures are so ridiculously stunning. Always.

Angela @thefairybreadchronicles said...

i'm sad that you're upset :( but it's leading up to christmas, and then a fresh start! look on the bright side - you're photos are to die for, and so are your recipes. you are obviously successful from your inclusion in the big feature! so give yourself a big hug, and surround yourself with family, friends, and good food this festive season. merry christmas!

Anonymous said...

Things will get better, don't you worry.

This too shall pass before you know it =)

sarah said...

Wow - congrats on the Refinery 29 shout out! And beautiful pictures, per usual.

Helene said...

If you can, I'd recommend you keep your old camera body. You never know what might happen and having a back up is always a precious thing.
I've been glad to have mine a couple of times.

Josephine said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your heartbreak. Those are tough, but things will get easier! At least you can take comfort in your photography. Your photos are gorgeous! And Harley Farms is awesome. There is something about being surrounded by all those happy goats that is kind of mood altering (in the positive sense).

athena said...

eeek, so awesome on the feature!!! but boo on the heartbreak. i hope '12 will be a better year for you personally, and well, professionally, your blog and work continue to soar and be an inspiration to so many. ((hugs))! p.s. photos are amazing, as always.

Madeleine said...

Beautiful, beautiful photography. That bread and cheese looks heavenly- thanks for sharing despite your tough past days!


Emily said...

Just because something's broken doesn't mean it isn't beautiful...and at least you know there are a word full of people (like me!) out there who love and treasure your work!
And this is why we celebrate the new year...a blank canvas, a whole 365 days of endless possibility! So happy new year to you!

Ginger said...

Love your Blog!!!! :) The cheese looks so yummy, you are so talented! You should call my daughter, she has had one of those years tooooo! Ginger (not sure about the name, I am not a blogger)lol

Eggton said...

Hello! This is a Derek Walcott poem I read when I feel like you do. It's perfect for someone who loves food and is hurting. Hang in there! http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/love-after-love/

Sue/the view from great island said...

Next year will for sure be much better! And the Refinery 29 news is awesome, congratulations.

amber said...

If it's any consolation, I'm in the same boat this year and have just got through the breakdown-a-day stage. It gets better... slowly. But it does get better. Blogging helps! And yours is beautiful. Keep going. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing! Allow yourself the time to experience those feelings...even if people stare :)

Eggton - Thank you for sharing that poem, it is AWESOME!!

julia { see you in the morning } said...

sometimes sadness makes the lovely things even lovelier.
i want to give you a big hug through the internet waves!

aalice said...

Clicked into your beautiful blog through Refinery29's recommendation and I just want to say that kneading bread and making cheese this holiday has been exactly what my soul needed after a particularly trying year. While no one can truly say they *know* our personal pains and struggles, I guess empathy might provide some comfort every now and then.
Thank you for letting me know I'm not alone... And for feeding me while you're at it. =)

kyleen said...

I love, love, love your blog, especially all the photos. I hope 2012 goes better. Happy Holidays!

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