28 April 2013

parker house rolls


I brought in my book of torn out recipes to work for my friend Skye to pick out a recipe.

She chose Parker House Rolls.

I had torn it out of a Bon Appetit Issue not too long ago.


I don't really know what Parker House rolls are.
Some kind of dinner roll I assume.

There seemed to be some kind of folding technique with the dough at the end that we could figure out if we got quite right.


It was our first time baking together outside of work. 
Really one of our first times hanging out outside of work. 

We we first met I didn't think this would happen.
I work at 3 in the morning everyday.
I am a total grump when other people try to talk to me when they stroll in later. I fully admit that.
Lack of sleep, too much coffee, frustrated having to work alone for 4 hours. I admit it, I wouldn't want to talk to me at work.
So when ultra friendly, inquisitive Skye would always try to talk to me, it would generally be met with short answers or just a blank stare. 
It takes me a while to warm up to people.

So not the best start to a friendship.
So after a few months of this, my harsh blunt personality and her talkative 'kittens and bunnies' personality somehow began to get along more.

She came to my house and we baked and I took photos.

Finally someones hands to be in the photos. 

It was a good day.

I do not have a tripod.






Recipe From Bon Appeit.





Steph (desserts for breakfast) said...

julie-- i love the tone of these images!

Margherita said...

I never heard of Parker House rolls before but they sure look gorgeous!

Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar said...

These turned out perfect! Awesome recipe! I can't wait to try :)

Natashia said...

I'm a big fan of home-made bread, but I must say, I'm a massive fan of your photos - just beautiful! You're very talented..

Anonymous said...

These pictures are stunning! And the rolls look so delicious!

Jennifer Michie said...

I love Parker House Rolls. My aunt makes these every Easter. They are in an old cookbook she has from Boston where the rolls originated from. Filling them with butter before you fold them over, was always my favorite part! I believe the Parker House still has the original machine from the early 1900s that folded made the fold in the bread for the butter. Your rolls looked just delicious! What a fun baking session!

Sadhvi Sez said...

My Grandma used to make these...they were considered something special. And they sure look good in your picx! Thanks for the stroll down my memory lane.

Anna said...

The pictures have that "baking in the dead of night" feel to them and the rolls look gorgeous!

thelittleloaf said...

I'd never heard of these little beauties before either but they look lovely. Your photos are stunning too.

Renee said...

From one morning grump to another - I love this.

elizabeyta said...

I started baking (yeast) when I was about 8 with an Easter braided bread. That recipe started with the Parker House Roll recipe, braid the bread, bake, and drizzle with frosting. So good!

I keep thinking I need to make that bread again. This may be the impetus for that action. Thanks!

Sarah said...

Wow, these look amazing.... as do your photos. Absolutely stunning. I could eat the whole tray in one sitting =)

- Sarah
A Girl In Transit

6512 and growing said...

your photos are so gorgeous, I feel like I could get fat just browsing here.

lamb and blonde said...

These rolls look deliciously buttery. Such lovely photos. And I understand the grumpy morning thing--I would be the same way, if I had to work that early, and alone. Glad you've made a friend. Wishing you many more happy baking days!

Anonymous said...

I am know in my store as "Disney". Super energetic, cheery, and always on. Not even kidding. One of the best friends I've made at work was someone who was more closed off and seemingly unapproachable. Love her silly. Kudos on new friendships.

Rachel @ Twin Tough said...

These look fantastic! And I love the beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing! :)

Emilie's daughter said...

Oh my! Looks tasty! The pics are great! Christa

BurntApple said...

Great photos! I always thought that Parker House rolls were round, so I learned something new today! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow , do this look yummy or what. I'm a sucker for anything bread...;)

Amy Jo said...

GORGEOUS photos. This post would make anyone hungry.

Laura Dembowski said...

What a great story about how you became friends. It's always nice to have a baking partner!

Jade Sheldon said...

Haha! Well, despite the rough start, I'm glad the two of you came together... This is so, so gorgeous...

Unknown said...

wow! great idea! it looks great!