29 June 2013

little vanilla cakes


Summer is officially here. It is hot. Hotter than hot. 
Last night around 8, the temperature still clocked in at 95 degrees. I'm going through ice like a crazy person. 

So with the heat making me so exhausted making something that required any effort was a bit out of the question. I had recently found some odd like cake pans at the thrift store so I decided to use them to make little cakes. A vanilla cake, that could be topped with anything. The coconut was my favorite. I brushed the whole thing with a thin glaze, just powdered sugar, milk and vanilla then threw a bunch of shredded coconut over. The flavor reminded me of those old school cake doughnuts. Not too sweet and a nice crunchy outside.

Fourth of July is just days away and for the first time in a while, I don't have to work the holiday. I am going to be in Sun Valley Idaho! Random, eh? My dad's hobby is entering contests. 1000 a week is the goal. Yeah. So he often wins. You have to right, with entering that many? When its trips, its always trips for two. Which is great for my mom and dad but not always so nice for their two daughters. So when my mom couldn't get the time off work, I lucked out. My dad asked if I could get it off, my response was I'll tell them I'm taking it off, not ask. And a bit of aggressiveness worked and I now get a little mini vacation. 

We are starting the drive on Wednesday, going to stay the night in Reno then finish the rest of the drive on the fourth. We get to go fishing, which hopefully should be nice for photos, then I don't know, explore the area I guess. Then make the drive back home on Monday. A nice little mini break. Much needed. I the screen on my new fancy phone, so I'll have to commender my dad's iphone so I can instagram the trip.




little vanilla cakes
375g AP flour
281g cups sugar
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
2 eggs
245g milk
170g oil, something neutral, I used grapeseed
2 tsp vanilla bean paste
zest of one lemon

oven 350
one 9x13 pan or divide among smaller pans
Mix dry ingredients (flour, sugar, baking powder and salt) in one bowl.
set aside.
Mix wet ingredients (eggs, milk, oil, vanilla and zest) in another bowl.
Pour wet ingredients over dry and whisk until combined and there are no lumps.
bake 25-30 minutes for smaller pans, 55 minutes for 9x13 pan.
cool on rack for 15 minutes, remove from pan then cool completely on rack.
finish with a dusting of powdered sugar, glaze (powdered sugar, milk and vanilla), glaze then cover in shredded coconut or anything of your choice.



Lori said...

I'm curious to know more about your dad's techniques for entering contests. Where does he find all of these contests to enter? I'm thinking this sounds like a great hobby! Love your pictures to death!

Jennifer said...

These are adorable!

xo Jennifer


Amanda M. said...

Looks delicious!

What's AP?

Julie Marie said...

@amanda m
ap as in all purpose flour, sorry wrote it in short hands. changed in it in the recipe :)

Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar said...

This is absolutely gorgeous! Lovely cakes!

Stephen B Craig said...


Stephen B Craig said...

Dad says, www.bigsweeps.com

Lori said...

Thanks Mr. Craig. I am inspired to win some contests now!

Unknown said...

These little cakes are simply adorable!

Teri said...

Really cute cakes... What cake molds or pans did you use for these? :)

Laura Dembowski said...

The cakes are so cute! Have a great time on your vacation :)

Izy said...

Oooh, those cakes are sooo gorgeous. I love the shapes, the cake tins must be epic. Brilliant find!

That sounds like a pretty good hobby: free holidays!? YES. Hope you have a nice time :)

Anonymous said...

Little vanilla cakes... oh my!!! have fun on your trip

Jade Sheldon-Burnsed said...

Ha! Your dad and I would definitely get along. I try to enter as many contests as I can. It's taken me to Italy and London so far! My husband is very happy about it all, haha! Although he sometimes shakes his head and gets annoyed that I 'win so much.' But honestly I lose much more often than I win, haha! Have a fabulous trip!