28 March 2013

cream cheese laced cinnamon rolls


cinnamon rolls everyday. at work.

You think I would get tired of making them. Yet these are the one item I make that I never get tired of. The way the dough starts out this little blob them puffs up into a soft giant mound. The tangy smell of the cream cheese, so much cinnamon and butter in the filling. I always enjoy making them. 


They are wonderful to eat to. Soft and light with a little hint of orange zest in the filling to add a nice surprise. They took batches and batches of testing to come up with the final recipe.

A glaze or frosting? Nuts in the filling? Is the orange too much? How to make the dough softer. Does the cream cheese in the dough make a difference? These are too small. Now these are too big. Make another batch.
It went on forever.

But finally we finished the testing and came up with our version of the perfect cinnamon roll. Well I personally would have packed the filling with pecans but that got overruled. 
This final result is truly delight, even though you should add some nuts if you feel like tempting your fate with yeast.


Then our next thing to make at work was rice krispy treats. We ended up with plain, chocolate pretzel and strawberry white chocolate rose water. 
So many marshmallows boiled down to get the perfect recipe. 
Will share more about those ones later.
Off the the vet to hopefully sort out my crazy cat.
Wish me luck.


IMG_9239 copy

cream cheese laced cinnamon rolls.
makes 8 rolls.

171g milk, at 115 degrees
2 tbsp dry active yeast
600g AP flour
55g sugar
1 tbsp salt
4 eggs
84g butter, softened

114g cream cheese softened 

300g brown sugar
114g butter, melted
2 tbsp cinnamon
zest of one orange

57g butter, softened
125g cream cheese, softened
125g powdered sugar

Add the yeast to the warmed milk and whisk to incorporate. Let sit for about 10 minutes until frothy.
In the bowl of the stand mixer combine flour, sugar, salt, eggs and yeast mix. Using the dough hook, mix on low until it just starts to combine. While mixing, add in the butter piece by piece. Continue to knead for about 5 minutes until dough is supple and smooth. If it pools at the bottom of the bowl, that is fine, do not add more flour.
Place in a greased bowl, cover with plastic wrap and let rise until double, 1 1/2-2 hours.
Only a lightly floured surface, roll out the dough into a 10x10 inch square. Spread the cream cheese over the dough.
Fold into thirds, starting with top in then the bottom. Then fold the two remain short sides in so you thus have a square. 
Flip over and gently roll out into a 16x20 rectangle. (16 is the width and 20 is the length)
Combine all the filling ingredients together in a bowl and spread over dough in an even layer. 
Gently but tightly roll into a log, starting from the bottom is easiest.
Cut into 8 two inch pieces. Either place in individual molds or in a greased 9x13 inch pan.
Cover with plastic wrap and let rise until doubled in size, about 2 hours or in the fridge overnight.
Oven 325.
If baking from an overnight fridge rise, let come to room temperature for about 1/2 hour.
Bake for 20-30 minutes until tops are golden and center is baked through. (time will vary according to oven)
Whisk all icing ingredients together until smooth.
Drizzle over warm rolls and serve immediately.






thecitygourmand said...

Your styling with the flowers is so stunning! The scrolls look scrumptious ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey! I just have one question regarding the milk: 171g? Is it condensed milk or am I missing something?

mookies said...

Amazing photo, great recipe. Keep up the excellent work, we are trying to get to you.

Julie Marie said...

It is just normal whole milk

Emily Cade said...

Beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Renee said...

Each photo is simply stunning! I hope your cat is okay.

m_b said...

these photos are so gorgeous. i want prints of them in my house! you are so talented!

Qchenne-inspiracje, MaƂgosia said...

Beautiful photographs and fantastic cinnamon rolls. I love cinnamon !!!

quinncooper said...

The styling in these photos is really beautiful. It is moody and mysterious. The cinnamon rolls look delicious. I am not a huge cinnamon bun fan, but lately I've had a couple that have questioned whether I should be avoiding them. Maybe I should attempt to make these and see how they turn out.
xo Quinn
Quinn Cooper Style

lolamax said...

Beautiful pictures as always! If you publish a cookbook I'll definately get it!

GALaxy said...

I love your photos this time around. They're so deep, dark, and delicious!

Alicia said...

Stunning photos and I love these flowers. As for the cinnamon rolls well, you've made me consider the idea of making them again since the last time I tried using yeast it was a disaster!

Laura Dembowski said...

Those cinnamon rolls look and sound amazing the way they describe them. Can't wait to see the Rice Krispies treats recipe too. Always looking for a perfect vetsion of those.

Esmee D said...

I love the photo's! How did you edit those? I've been dying to find a photoshop action that does exactly that! I made cinnamon rolls the other night, but they were no good :(! Yours look delish!
lovely blog :)!

If you have time visit my new blog: http://dutchgirldiaries.blogspot.com!

Unknown said...

perfect visions of eatingness, umm I mean they're lovely.

Jade Sheldon said...

Glorious... just, glorious.

Anonymous said...

I've never tried making cinnamon rolls but every once for a while I come across a recipe like yours, which then makes me wonder 'why?'! The idea of adding pecans is also right up my alley :) beautiful photography!

Janiece said...

Your pictures are stunning. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Anonymous said...

Those cinnamon rolls are almost too beautiful for words. One of my favorite pastries.

Unknown said...

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Nicole said...

These photos are GORGEOUS! Love the flowers in that very last shot.

I've never actually had a desire to make cinnamon rolls before, but after seeing these, I am dying to make them!

Also, chocolate pretzel rice krispie treats?!?!? You have GOT to post that recipe!

Diana said...

Love the cinnamon rolls.The pics are great!!!

Emilie's daughter said...

Thanks for the recipe! To me it is cinnamon rolls are typically American and one does not get them in Switzerland. Now I can bake my own! Great! Christa

I Am ... CHRISTINA said...

Julie - Your recipes never mention whether your butter is salted or unsalted. Do you usually prefer one above the other? That is probably a very novice question, as I have always thought "never bake with SALTED butter". But I was just curious. Yesterday ... the little Vanilla Almond Bundts. Today ... I'm thinking about the Cinnamon Rolls or the lovely Flourless Almond Honey Cake. But first, I have to make tomato basil sauce to can as I got 24 lbs of tomatoes at our Farmer's Market yesterday morning!