08 March 2013

Rudd Farms Visit


At work today we got to take a field trip. 
To the farm.

Where we get out ends, some produce and sometimes the turkeys for holidays.


We got to meet all the hundreds of chickens. 
Walk around in their massive open land they roam in.



There was two massive pigs. 
Coated in mud and hairy as can be. 



The farmer Omar.



Then we hung out at the barn while our Chef cooked us some duck eggs with cheese and greens on asiago baguettes.


Outdoor kitchen.






Old honey comb.


The view from the top of the barn.

A good day at work.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely little field trip!

Thanks for sharing, the view looks great!

Fa_alhusaynu said...

You're really lucky to have such a job ! Such a fun place to spend a day. Those chicken look so gracious

thecitygourmand said...

That is perhaps, the furriest/happiest pig I have ever seen! Great photos

Martha said...

Beautiful day! Some of those Rhode Island Red chickens look funny to me. A few have no tail feathers! We have one. And we have a Barred Rock and an Araucana. ♥ Yum. How were those duck eggs? I've never had them before...

Mrs.VogelPitts said...

I love these pics. I can not wait for our farm to open.

Robyn said...

oh yes-what a great day at work! What could possibly beat fresh eggs

Laura Dembowski said...

Looks like a great day! It's always interesting to see where your food comes from.

Blondie said...

Wow, that looks absolutely amazing. I love that the chickens have such a huge space to run around in!

dervla @ the curator said...

wow, those are gorgeous shots. What a beautiful day. love the idea of cooking outdoors. Spring feels so far away here.

Megan {Country Cleaver} said...

Those are eggs perfected!! Absolutely stunning.

Beau Colin | The Hello Blog said...

That looks beautiful!

Nicole said...

I absolutely love fresh eggs and this looks like so much fun. More jobs should have field trips with lunch served by a chef! I'm dreaming, I know.

Sarah said...

Wow, duck eggs huh. Was there a difference in taste? The view DOES look lovely. I always enjoy visiting farms =)

Unknown said...

All work field trips should be so beautiful. I love those wild chickens, they look so happy. I've never eaten an egg that fresh, but I bet it tasted like a bit of yellow sunshine.

The Grazer said...

Really beautiful photos! I just came across your blog recently and am really enjoying it.

Anna x

ion dumitrescu said...


Diana said...

The photos are awesome! Love them <3

Eileen said...

LOVE, Love, love, the photos!